The ABC’s of Andy (Sort of..)

Available: I’m hitched, for life and very blessed.
Age: How old is dirt?  The way I act does not reflect how old I am.  I am the oldest Toy’s R Us kid.
Annoyance: Those that ‘still’ write checks at the grocery store.
Birthday: March 29th
Best Friends: Refer to ‘A’, my soul mate Jackie is my best friend.
Body Part on Opposite Sex: Eyes. I’m a sucker for a blue eyes.
Best feeling in the world: Knowing that I can get at least one person to smile one day a week.
Blind or Deaf: Blind. If there was only silence, it would be hard to imagine laughter.
Best Weather: Stormy and Rainy
Been in Love: Yes and still am.
Been on stage: Yes, but only 15 mins
Believe in Magic: Sorry, I believe in fate.
Believe in Santa: Heck yeah!
Candy: Almond Joy
Color: Red, Liquorice Rope
Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
Chinese/Mexican: Mexican
Cake or Pie: French Apple Pie.
Continent to visit: I have been everywhere I want, USA!! USA!!
Cheese: American
Day or Night: Day… err Night.  Yes.. what was the question?
Dance in the rain?: I like the rainy weather, but that because I have a roof over my head. Stupid question..
Do the splits?: Umm nope, I am built like a line backer.
Eggs: w/Bacon and English muffin.
Eyes: Green/HZL
Everyone’s got: Elbows and a’holes.
Ever failed a class?: Yes… Art – if it wasn’t for a ruler, I would not be able to draw a straight line.
Full name: Please call me Andy
First Thought Waking Up: Why is it such a long walk to the bathroom?
Food: Bring it!
Greatest Fear: Not experiencing love or friendship.
Goals: Get someone to smile.
Gum: Not a big chewer, how about a tick tack?
Get along with your parents?: Does any big kid?
Hair Color: Grey, White, Salt and Pepper.
Height: 6’3
Happy: Pretty Much, everyday seems like a Friday to me in the end.
How do you want to die: ouch!  I don’t really think about that, but with a smile.
Ice Cream: Rocky Road
Instrument: I don’t play but I love the sound of the Saxophone.
Jewelry: They get in my way and I always end up scratching them or someone with them.
Job: I have the worlds best comic, I work/own a Comic Book store which is a passion of mine.
Kids: OPK!!!  (Other Peoples Kids)
Kickboxing or karate: aren’t they pretty much the same?  Can’t we just get a long?
Keep a journal?: The internet has a few of mine out there.
Longest Car Ride: 23hrs From Key West, FL to Tallahassee, FL.
Letter: A
Laughed so hard you cried: The closest I come is when I laugh so hard, that is becomes the “silent laugh”, followed by the sound of sucking in allot of air.
Milk flavor: Chocolate
Movies: Starwars or Startrek II
Motion sickness?: Only on small boat after eating.
McD’s or BK: I am not longer a burger fan, love Pizza though.
Number of Siblings: 0
-Number of Piercings: 0
Number: The one that helps me win the lottery
One wish: For my friends to be happy.
Perfect Pizza: Yes… have some.
Pepsi or Coke: Sorry.. I can’t really drink anything carbonated
Quail: Dan? That sounds political, no thanks can I please watch cartoons?
Reason to Cry: Have you ever watched Old Yellow?  Who doesn’t cry at the end of that?
Reality T.V.: When there was ‘real’ reality, but now it is all about rating and making movie off someone else’ drama.
Radio Station: I rarely listen, but when I do, Classic rock please
Roll your tongue in a circle?: Nope
Ring size: I have no idea
Song: Another one of my failing qualities, I like music, but rarely know the artist.
Should You Lie?: You know the rule, Honesty is the best..
Shoe Size: 11
Salad Dressing: Roadford or Bleu Cheese.
Sushi: California Roll
Skipped School: Sure.. we all did it.. right?
Slept Outside: Yep
Smoked?: Talk about a pet peev.
Skinny Dipped?: Whos asking?
Sing Well?: Laugh Out Loud
Swear?: I was in the US Navy, what do you think Sailor 101 was?
Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawbs!!!!!!!
Time for Bed: When there is nothing on TV and I can’t seem to work a computer mouse anymore.
Thunderstorms: I would have to say no, they impact my computer too much
Unpredictable: No – I am pretty solid.
Vacation Spot: I am a home body, so – ‘home’
Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: Umm, I don’t think that applies anymore..
Wanted to be a model?: Nope
Worst Weather?: Hot!!!!!  Fair skin and Sun, you are kidding right?
X-Rays: I’ve had several…broken toe, arm, ankle.
Ex’s: I see one from time to time
-Year it is Now: 2010
-Yorkshire: What?
Zoo animal: Monkey’s!!

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